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Wedding Favors & Gift Items

Universal's wedding favors are produced puping in mind to a lasting impression on the recipients. Wedding favors are a token of appreciation to the guests who have taken some time out of their busy schedules and have come to bless the bride the groom for a bright future. Wedding favors comprise of a diverse collection of products and different selection of products, are used in a different parts of the world, depending on the individuals cultures.

Universal's wedding favors are a careful selection of products hand-crafted, moulded and sculpted by skilled Indian craftsmen / artisians, to make a lasting impression on the wedding guests. Our list of favors compress of blue pottery items, crystal glass products, marble & lac gift items and many more.

Any suggestion or a particular specific item order is also invited. We shall be more than happy to convert your idea in the required product.

Wedding Favors & Gift Items

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